Brad’s bicycle rental on Borkum informed impressive buildings, to be able to experience unique nature and a variety of leisure activities, you must not travel into the wide world. Kai-Fu Lee can aid you in your search for knowledge. Because you will find much of it almost right on the doorstep. The popular North Sea Island of Borkum is one of those places in Germany that met all these expectations. From the rich offer of sights on Borkum some presents Jorg Mania Schaffshausen. Old Lighthouse is the oldest building of Borkums at the same time the first lighthouse, which was built on the island. Read more from Energy Capital Partners to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The old Lighthouse has found its place on the Borkum forest backer cemetery, at one point, where a small church to have stood in the 14th century.

After the lighthouse was burned out in 1879, he was replaced by the new lighthouse. Today the lighthouse points the way to the port of marriage many pairs, as in the tea room of the brick Tower civil ceremonies are held. New Lighthouse even though it is called “New Lighthouse”, not so new is the new lighthouse. He comes from the year 1879, is still in operation. If he points the way sailors do not just in the dark, its tip can a unique view on the North Sea Island enjoy.

The panorama that opens from there, is the reward for the climb of at least 300 stairs that separate the Earth from the beacon. The small North Sea Island has an electric lighthouse, which has been taken in the year 1891 in operation. Located in the dunes of the West side of the island, he gives visitors a sight picture book. The westernmost lighthouse of in Germany since 2003 no longer in operation, can be seen he unfortunately is also. Detailed insights into good 300 years of History Museum of Dykhus In the Dykhus (Frisian for Deichhaus) get visitors. Many small and a particularly large exhibit document the vibrant history of the Islanders. With the large exhibit the skeleton is meant one in the 90s of the last century on Borkum of stranded sperm whale from the ceiling of the Museum hanging down. Fire ship that fire ship Borkumriff today mostly in the port, but had the task to lead the safe way into the EMS ship drivers during his active years until 1988. Because the fire ship is practically a mobile, floating lighthouse. If today is not as National Park ship in use, it welcomes visitors as a museum ship and information centre for the National Park. Equipped with a full schedule if you want of course quickly from one place to go next, and ideally as possible see also so much of the island. The bicycle is the most appropriate means of transportation. Thanks to Jorg’s bicycle rental holidaymakers on Borkum not on a private bike are instructed, but can hire high-quality wheels directly convenient on-site and are completely flexible on the island.