How safe do horse trailer with your trailer caravans, commercial vehicles, or large truck: The eater coupling is still as premium solution, when it comes to security for trailer couplings. It offers maximum security, she must be free of paint, rust or rust. So that those who use anti-Eater coupling, can drive carefree, Kruse tech now offers the new ball grinder K4708. In only 10-15 seconds the ball it is bare ground. Who travels with contaminated Ballhead, risks that grater documents of the eater coupling with paint and dirt particles to sit and a wholly owned function is no longer available. Often, this is only noticed when loud creaking noises when shunting or in curves. A clean ball significantly minimizes the risk. So the Kruse tech ball grinder K4708 in connection with a commercially available drill directly on the ball of the eater coupling used, so clamped in the Chuck.

Already at low speed that results in brief desired outcome and thus the safe function of the eater coupling. Tiresome cleaning of the ball head by hand is eliminated completely: no sanding, no industrial cleaners, no rags. The Kruse tech ball grinder K4708 is available in the Internet at (Web shop) at the price of 39.00. Also see for more information. Manufacturer contact: Kruse tech Mirko Kruse on pasture 16 58840 Plettenberg press contact: SAUER communication Manfred Sauer forest road 132 51147 Koln Tel.: 02203 10 10 497 e-mail: for media enquiries Mr Manfred Sauer is available.