Sandwich panels are widely used in the construction of prefabricated buildings and structures for various purposes: industrial facilities, shopping and exhibition halls, gas stations, warehouses, etc. In addition, these products used for the facades of existing buildings, devices, partitions, walling, as well as for the production of automatic doors. Layer construction of roof and wall sandwich panels provides high strength, moisture and teperaturostoykost, good thermal conductivity. Production of sandwich panels can be carried out on several technologies. Russia has distributed three of them: the production by bench semiautomatic equipment using hand-built, on the automated line stream type and method of foam filler between two sheets of paneling. Production of sandwich panels on the bench semi-automatic equipment production technology of sandwich panels on the bench a semi-automatic equipment starts with the profiling of two steel sheets.

Then the sheets are transferred to the packing plant, where the bottom layer hand-applied glue, put a heater, then again and glue on top – a second layer of cladding. The next stage is the movement of semi-finished product obtained by the press with heating, where the steel sheets and expanded polystyrene tightly connected to each other and the adhesive begins to polymerize. The ends of the panels are cut, and then the product is kept in a warm place for about 12 hours for final bonding of all its layers with each other. Production of sandwich panels for automated continuous line when the technology of production of sandwich panels with steel is coated polymer or alyutsinkovym coating is applied to the line with facilities for unwinding of coiled steel. Insulation is automatically distributed over the width of the panel with special pushers on the entire surface of the upper and lower applied a two-component polyurethane adhesive, and then carried out the process of profiling. At the stage of compaction under the influence of pressure and temperature of the glue cures.

After this three-layer panel is cut into desired size products, which are automatically stacked packed into bundles. Production of panels using foam sandwich panel production method of foaming is carried out at the booth. Between two metal plating, are under pressure, is introduced special syringe, which serves the foam. Depending on the type of equipment, as space filling insulating composition or syringe moves in the panel or the panel is moving toward embodied syringe. Each technology has its own characteristics. Since the production of panels on the bench semi-automatic machines, there are limitations of length of finished products – up to 7.6 m. In the manufacture of panels by the length of their foaming is also limited, plus there is the possibility of education in the insulated layer of voids. When using an automated production line senvdich panel products are cut on any length from 1 to 15 meters.