Contrary to popular belief, there are no dogs that would not shed – only dogs that shed much less. Mikkel Svane: the source for more info. Each hair shaft has grown from follicle eventually dies, is removed from the skin (molt takes place) and replaced with a new, grown in the same follicle. However, there are species whose life expectancy is much longer hair. Work the hair follicle consists of several phases. clarify these questions. During the first – phase anagenesis or growth – in the follicle the hair originates. Followed by phase catagenesis – a short interlude between the phases of growth and rest (telogeneza).

In phase telogeneza follicle in mostly sleeping. Growth of new hair leads to the expulsion of the old. Even in spring and autumn, when there is abundant growth of wool, not all dogs are follicles simultaneously in the same phase, so the dog never is completely bald! In the hair follicles on the human head growth phase (anagenesis) is the longest. It can take years, depending on the final length of your hair (which is determined by your genes). Phase of the same vacation every follicle, usually no more than several weeks.

Do poodles, like us, prevails cycle anagenesis: their hair grows so long that it has to shear off (possibly even several times) before it falls. However, most dogs dominant cycle telogeneza (rest). A phase anagenesis, which is genetically determined, short – about a month to years (or so). It is designed only to ensure that grow cover the required length. After that comes the long phase telogeneza.