Dear readers, supporters of our Blog, radios allied associations, churches, unions, labor unions and leftist movements. We have discovered intelligence activities against ultra-right sectors to undermine the accounts of the emails, knowing the data, sending threats, filter information, to know the movements of all the structures responsible for promoting activities related to the left. An Internet service provider linked to commercial business loans the business private equity sector and mason, operates in providing information for those who are the owners of commercial loan Internet services and residential addresses. Much of the financing information flowing through our mail arrives in the hands of these people, who want to create through repression and fear to earn the moral to continue to denounce acts of corruption and strengthen social awareness that we need. Our recommendations are: If you send important and confidential sba loan information, please create an anonymous email and use alternate on, from a cyber cafe or Internet services, set out on your server at home. Using data sending to friends, family or colleagues, from the BCC blind carbon copy option so that your mail will never be known. Change passwords regularly with which you access your account. We know the people behind all this, by name and our national structures and are holding all the data to come, in the case of any attack is executed. Here unsecured loan are the companies providing intelligence to the economic sector and party arena. We thank those who sent us by other routes this valuable information and will continue to use these channels to protect our vision of creating a new political class. If you are looking for a financial expert go t