In 2008 already we wrote on codes QR and we asked ourselves in the future if next we would speak of them. The answer to that question formulated for almost four years has been that yes. Codes QR already are present in our daily life. The main reason for the height of codes QR is the adoption, finally, on the part of the consumer of Smartphone in its daily experiences, turning to the movable telephones in a tool of fundamental marketing for the marks. The evolution of these codes is being calm, increasing its utilities as the users are gotten up to the Smartphones and movable devices. The limitations that present/display codes QR for discounts in restaurants are minimum and with a little I devise and innovation data, information or contents of a different form can be presented/displayed. Nowadays we can see codes QR in different places, from in the product packages, fences, calling cards, stickers, marquees, restaurants, in magazines, in buses or even in the tile roof of the the uses that can give this tool of marketing are many, although they will be useless if they do not offer good contents that can interest the consumer. Codes QR can be included in magazines so that the reader, after scanning the code with his telephone, also arrives at a video online with additional content to which he is reading or to unblock a coupon discount in a restaurant.