Looking at for the past, we perceive the crooked way for where we pass millions of chances had appeared; doors if had closed, but windows had also confided. You who read these words, now, pursued some objective or simply she walked without where knowing to go? Many times, what before it was important and perhaps you until died therefore, today seem not to have more direction, are not same? The times we need to find answers The mind searchs to understand ' ' of where I came, for where vou' '. More sensible people enter in a hole without end; a species of depression, others league to the drugs and until the o suicide. The doubt always folloies in them in the life. It has a moment that everything seems meaningless, but we have that to follow in front. To face the challenges. Certainly the answers will come, when to perhaps arrive the maturity.

A moment will happen where we will not be able to run away or same to look excuses as a veil that in the occult a truth, that hides in them of the others, that hinder in to see them our true essence. The withdrawal of the veil is to awake of the conscience, the door for our evolution spiritual. The life teaches for the love or pain. Worse it is that almost always we learn for pain. In the truth never we are alone. We always receive aid, either through familiar or the friends.

Many times even for people whom nor we imagine without saying of the aids spirituals. A situation appears where we find in them of unexpected front with something. Then the skill is to face the stranger. We are resistant to the changes. The hour is now therefore the time urges. We have that to abandon our comfort, quentinho, of where we see the suffering other people’s. We have that to abandon the comodismo and to be arm that receives. To awake the conscience for the true necessities of the world, with new forms to think. It does not advance to think about saving proper itself, because to arrive themselves before, we will have that to wait the ones that had been for the way, doubtful or inconsolados. These are chained, as well as many of us stow. We need freeing in them of these fetters that arrest in them in the ignorance, in the illusion to have always more. We have that to abandon the silt that hinders in them to alar flight and to conquer the true reality; the accomplishment of the Being.