New version of BabtecCAQ is at the control fair 2011 a wide audience presented the future of your CAQ system starts now”: with this slogan, the renowned CAQ provider Babtec the season to the control opens 2011. What is behind this statement? Behind it is the new version of the software BabtecCAQ the user to ensure the future viability of their QM systems. Conventional CAQ solutions, which often add advanced functionality to a monolithically grown software, is manufacturer Babtec Anders on a revolutionary new concept: the know-how of Babtec experts in cutting-edge technology was cast in a multi-year project. The result is called BabtecCAQ R6 and is entirely based on Microsoft.NET technology. Thus the course for the future of our customers are: with its innovative 3-layer architecture, the system is fully scalable and grows to a group with production sites all over with all sizes of business from the medium-sized pavers World. With its intuitive operating concept the software meets highest expectations regarding ergonomics and features characteristic design.

BabtecCAQ R6, where the shoe pinches most supports the user: where complex products ever-shorter development and production cycles are granted, while the quality of the product is subject to ever-increasing demands. Here is the process of sustaining of the new version. A centralized task management with integrated workflow system ensures the smooth collaboration across all departments and locations. All functions are fully integrated for process-oriented work and of course consistently compliant to the standard. The new CAQ system proves its sustainability with the FMEA, which opens up new dimensions of integrated quality planning and quality assurance. This FMEA concept is integrated directly with the control plan and the planning of all quality checks as well as the tracking of all related measures. So creates BabtecCAQ R6 an intuitive process support for the continuous improvement of products and processes. Another example of sustainability is the centralized complaints and task editing.

Here, workflows, E.g. ensure that complaints for more customer satisfaction are answered promptly and eliminate its causes. All participating employees benefit from the advantages of a Web-based technology. All quality-relevant processes on the basis of a consistent data basis are planned, documented and controlled with BabtecCAQ R6. This makes fully automatic real information system data: evaluations, reports and metrics can be freely configured and distributed via the intranet or by email to all participants. Babtec Informationssysteme GmbH-producing companies of all industries with software solutions for quality planning, quality assurance and quality management supervised since 1994. The motto of the future of your CAQ system starts now”is his new version of the claim under the Babtec at control 2011 for the first time will present a wide audience.