Chapter 1: What is to sell? The sale is the product interchange or services by monetary units that take place between the salesman and the client, looking for the satisfaction of the needs of the client and the profit of the objectives of the salesman. For more information see Robotics. It is possible to emphasize of this definition, the direction to the client who all salesman must have, that is to say, fulfill his objectives of sales, starting off of the inquiry, analysis and satisfaction of the needs of the client. The commercial one must turn the benefits of the product or service into benefits that satisfy the needs with the client. The argumentation of sales must concentrate in the needs of the client and not in the attributes of the product or service. Chapter 2: The phases of the interview of sales to study the Techniques of Sales we go to analyze the different phases from the sale. The sale, like all process of communication, is divided in several phases. Each phase of the sale will study individually in the following chapters. You are the different phases from the sale: The preparation of the visit.

contact with the client. The inquiry of needs of the client. The argumentation. The resolution of objections. The closing of the sale. The postvisit. Chapter 3: Preparation of the visit the success or failure of an interview of sales depends to a great extent on how preparation is had previously.

Good the commercial one does not leave anything to the improvisation, nor trusts its skill totally. It is fundamental to plan the work, to know in depth the supply products or services and to analyze the present and potential clients. In the preparation of the visit we go: To analyze the information that we have the client. To determine objectives for the sale. To develop the strategy of action for the sale.