Driving performance has cylinders of high-quality boats have walls that divide the boat into two, three or more isolated compartments, thus preserving the buoyancy even when damaged other sections. It is worth paying attention to such parameters such as stability and maneuverability of the boat, which is provided with a diameter of the keel and a raised nose, as well as its strength and security: the outer layer of the boat should prevent exposure of fuel oil and other unwanted damage and material – to protect against explosions. Ideally, the boat must be still and environmentally safe for the environment. Skirts important detail, which you should pay attention – body kits boat pens, lifelines, and more. Manufacturers who value their name, do not skimp on fittings, which, of course, directly affects the quality. To the boat with normal bundle can be purchased a set of optional accessories that make sailing more comfortable. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mashable and gain more knowledge..

For example, soft seats, bags, tents, extra inflatable bed. Manufacturer Most boats are now made in China, but this should not deter, because the same plants in China today made the boat as well known in the world brands such as Yamaha, for example, as well as lesser known brands. The quality of both is the same. Warranty Note whether the company, you throw at a boat service center and what the warranty on the product, so that in case of marriage or damage the boat you are not left alone with his problem. Storage and temperature conditions require different boats different storage conditions. If the rubber boats should be stored only in an inflated state, the PVC products is not so capricious, in winter they can easily blow away. Temperature conditions also vary.

Some boats can operated at a temperature of minus 5 to plus 35 degrees and kept at almost any temperature – from minus 20 to plus 45 degrees. With proper operation of the boat will serve you for up to ten years. Transportation There is a very heavy boats that transported on special trucks or in the back of the car, and there are those who in the folded state are placed in a packaging bag. Rowing boats often have low weight and easy to fit trunk. Think and evaluate your opportunities, before buying a very difficult or requiring special transport boat. The cost price of PVC boats range from 10 to 50 thousand rubles. In the company’s stores “Erkor-plus” you can also buy cheaper products of Russian manufacturers of rubber materials. The most viable option in the ratio “price – quality” are inflatable boats CBB, which is widely represented in the network “Erkor Plus”, located around the Primorsky Territory. These boats are made of Korean materials on Italian technology and meet international quality standards. Boats CBB produced under the control of the company “Erkor-plus” and five years of existence on the market this brand was not a single case of return for guarantees and complaints on the quality of the goods. A special series of motor-rowing boats CBB specially designed for operation in Russia and meets the requirements of GOST.