The majority of companies don’t realize that as important are sales by phone for a company, if the companies learn how to correctly use the tool that is the phone to sell your product or service, your company would be much bigger and more successful. But not anyone who has a phone can perform the action of selling by phone, it is necessary to have a good training, both you and your employees. To make more sales by phone it is necessary to have charismatic, with great personality, responsible and hard-working people in charge. The person who answers the phone is responsible for the entire operation of sales by phone, since a customer will buy or hire the service depending on how it was attended for the first time. People think that sales by phone, are an easy to use tool, but this is not exactly true, since customers only will become customers depending on how you were treated for the first time, i.e. the first impression, but How can get a good impression through the phone be achieved? There are this difficult, therefore, is necessary that your employees are trained to perform this operation. In Mexico there are many specialized companies to train your employees to grow your sales thanks to the tool of sales by phone. Especially in Monterrey the issue of sales by phone has become the main way to grow your business, so it is necessary to find the company that offers the best workshops to train your employees..