Every day we hear more often from Google Adwords, and not everyone knows exactly what it is. To describe it quick and easy, we say that AdWords is a service, part of Google’s system, which offers individuals and companies wishing to sell their products or services through paid advertising on Google and other partner sites. For even more analysis, hear from Ali Partovi. It is also called PPC or pay per click. Charles Koch will undoubtedly add to your understanding. By using the Google search bar, you may have seen a number of ads to the right of the computer screen. Are the ads from companies or individuals who pay for being right there, and this is achieved through the Google Adwords program.

If a visitor clicks on any of these ads, Google charges a percentage for each click to the advertiser, called PPC (Pay Per Click), and that percentage is defined by the advertiser himself.

In recent months the service has improved and advertisers will not only pay per click, but by the action you take on the advertiser’s page, always predefined by himself. They are the new PAYMENT PER SHARE, or PPA. So instead of paying for the visits, the advertiser can choose to pay when the visitor performs some predefined actions such as subscribing to a list, make a purchase, or request information through the contact form. While both options, PPC and PPA, are valid and efficient for the moment there is little difference between the two: while the PPC ads are eligible to appear in both searches as Google’s partner sites, the PPA, the time can only be present in the network publisher sites content Google. On the other hand, these publishers can select those that are most PPA relevant or appropriate for their sites and post them in the ad units to prepare for that purpose. However, the PPA has the great advantage that only the advertiser decides how much to pay for your advertising per share: they can decide how much they are willing to pay for each particular concrete action on their website and can control their costs through establish a daily fee for advertising PPA. For more information about the PPA, you can visit the Google Help Center: pport / bin / topic.py? Topic = 11 635 and learn more about other important aspects of these campaigns and how to hire them.