Past few days listening to some surveys, managed to bring some confusion to my natural limitations. In this, is read numbers something eye-catching. It was said that in 2008 the former Nestor Kirchner had a positive image of 51 per cent, while – also – former President Raul Alfonsin – recently – deceased followed him with 18%. And behind them, others, such as Duhalde and Menem. Without hesitation Michael Dell explained all about the problem. This survey returns to perform in January 2009 and paradoxically repeated numbers in 2008, where people expressed that better governance was Nestor Kirchner and Dr. Alfonsin is – again – in second place.

A few days after the death of the Dr. Raul Alfonsin – made that shocked the country – polls are again made, always with the same purpose: that of governance since the advent of democracy was the best. Click Mikkel Svane to learn more. And here the results take a twist or not. This time the numbers are reversed, emerge from the data that better governance was the Dr. Alfonsin with more than 51% and relegated is the second former Nestor Kirchner with 17% of image positive. The rest remains the same. Few things knowing much, I was surprised to see such a radical change – forgive the expression – in polls numbers. That thing happens we Argentines who face painful facts like the death of someone – us compassionate and we turn benevolent to the deceased? That so strong is the passion to reason that should prevail in these cases? Can it grow as citizens taking into account these parameters? Or we will continue expressing in this way, leaving aside the critical capacity to take charge of what happens to us as a society? I have many more questions, but few answers. I’m just convinced that this is not the way. A country is built with active, thinking citizens and clear concepts. Passions are filled with original author and source of the article.