So you are talking not more forcibly against each other. All currently approximately 40 warring States talked previously together in vain! Since the 1950s, Israelis and Palestinians talk to each other. Why is this so? The Western cybernetic or logic (mechanistic worldview) performs in negotiations to the profiling/distinction: because our thinking by the true perception (cognition) of contrasts (duality) work (5% noise). Our feelings (pleasure frustration) meet justified this about 0.7 seconds later (right manufacturing) the decisions and our logic (true or false). We know that our brain is analogue (DRE, feminine, and logic) and digital (ratio, masculine, or logic) area.

The nature and the mind Sciences (theorists and practitioners) resulted in our Western culture (or logic), grossly simplified. The naturalist (NW) think inductively (?) and must verify their knowledge of ER (prove). The mind scientists (GW) think deductive (!) and say their findings (falsify – without evidence. For example, Galileo proved based on calculations that the Earth is a ball – and the Church had to take it over! I describe the thinking difference on a simple everyday example that I recently met at WISO (ZDF). Someone complained about his banking advisers. You had promised him a huge return! And now that money’s gone. The interesting thing: On demand Bank consultant and customer remembered quite differently on the recent consultation! A technician (Science) the customer was professionally employed.

And bankers are famously mind scientists (empirical research (knowledge through experience) with good data and knowledge of rhetoric). The reasons why they were talking past each other, are in the Cartesian coordinate system of the Mr Descartes. justified (1596-1650): (see chart) the ordinate (base, x,?) and the abscissa (derivative, y,?) have the mathematical relation: y = f (x). Engineers have We know that on the X-axis (?) time on. The Y-axis (?) defined for example a motor performance. This is their everyday life. Unlike the bankers: Applying the investment risk on the X-axis (?). The Y-axis (?) defines the opportunities, so the earnings (interest level in %). Now paints the banker at a consultation meeting (the customer looks from above? on the paper.) following 2 account growth opportunities of a potential plant colored (green, red) on: bankers cheated in your opinion the customer if the opts for Green: E.g. 5% or 25% return? What do you prefer (eat well or sleep well?)? Bankers and engineers talking past each other because of different training. The conflicting interests also influence the rhetoric (fight flight rigid). As you know, the better adapted survive in evolution (natural) (survival of the fittest), and in the cultures the better educated! You know the women and men as well as intelligent and stupid talk past each other often. No one can know everything. My architect wondered about that some 1 million for a real estate issue, but 2,000 for architects advice are too expensive for them. But everyone keeps competent for (almost) everything! If BBs then goes to pay teaching money. Successfully negotiate can only, who dominated the subject and lens neutral. Or a / r uninvolved neutral professional woman or man needed: a mediator(s)in! Otherwise, it comes to confrontation and dis harmony instead of cooperation and synergy lack expertise, or emotional reasons. DIS-harmony is the precursor to the expensive war of the roses. Wolfgang Schwalm biology and