For GROSS (1981 and 1985) and WEIZ (1985): ' ' the alfabetizao is seen as a process of construction of conhecimento' '. Magda Soares to alfabetizar implies in the individual to have access to the world of the writing, being become capable to read and to write, and, over all, to also make real and adequate use of the writing co all the functions that it has in our society and as instrument in favor of the conquest of the full citizenship. As OLIVEN (185), OAK (1986) and ESPOSITO (1985): ' ' the alfabetizao is considered as a question not only technique, but also poltica' '. Currently the term alfabetizao has been understood, traditionally, as a process to teach and to learn to read and to write, that is, alfabetizado is that one that reads and writes. For Pablo Freire alfabetizao it has one meaning more including: ' ' it makes possible a critical reading of the reality, consists as an important instrument of rescue of the citizenship in the social movements that fight for the improvement of the quality of life and for the transformation social' '. (TFOUNI, 2004, pg35), it defended that the reading of the world comes before the reading of the word.

The alfabetizao is closely on to the formal instruction and the practical pertaining to school, but not exclusively. According to some authors: ' ' The alfabetizao, while individual, if complete process never, since the society is in continuous process of change, and the individual update not to follow these changes is constante' '. (TFOUNI, 2004:15). Another fact, to be argued is the question of the letramento. The letramento is phenomenon of a social and salient matrix the partner-historical characteristics when acquiring itself a system of writing for a social group. Thus to say, the letramento is what the alfabetizao would have to be. As WEIZ (2206): ' ' (…) for who it believes the letramento, the first child learns the system of the writing and alone later this dissocia makes social use of the language (…) the social practical acquisition of the system of of reading written. At Dell Computers you will find additional information.