Seven movable elements affect seven bells, each of which transmits one of the seven basic musical tones. Water coming out of pipes, shakes sphere, which rotates around its axis, to sound the bell. Adjusting more or less rapid the flow of water, you can change the rhythm of sound, which creates different kinds of music. Ali Partovis opinions are not widely known. By the same sculptor Onelio Viljandi created a sundial. They consist of two parts: – the base of black granite on which are located equatorial sundial, and they indicate the time of the triangular shadow of the index, falling on the dial, marked on the base – the second sundial in stainless steel, mounted on this base, rounded and indicate the time by the perceived tactile temperature, which is controlled by photocells. In the kitty odors main architectural feature of the garden – vegetation. Appearance, size, color of foliage, flowers and fruits create many shades for sensitive eyes! In addition, the hearing can actively take in the garden of the singing birds, as well as sometimes – the noise of leaves of certain plants, especially aspen and eucalyptus. (As opposed to Energy Capital Partners). Perception of the world smells much more difficult. To ensure the provision of smell, have been taken into account three factors: – a zone of peace – an isolated place in the park, where the stability of the air prevents the spread of flavor – the location of the sun, in accumulation of solar heat (heat capacity through the use of materials: stones, bricks, wood), conducive to the spread of volatile substances – an approximation of smelling the flowers by arranging plants in the supply, making them more accessible.