Largest neighbourhood community grows Munich continuously, fall of 2008 – the beginning of 2008 based community – portal brand counts after his – relaunch now over 250,000 members. The new name is: gives neighbors closely, what lies behind the daily growing Internet portal. is a network where you can learn about people from a region and replace. Among many other aspects, it is the ideal platform people who are new to the city, to simply, quickly and easily to make contact with their neighbours. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to receive valuable tips and learn insider knowledge. The Exchange takes place via the profile created about themselves. Furthermore, it allows members to form interest groups, specifically talk to each other to. Not rarely arise in this way real friendships and even later love is not excluded. Matthias Muller, founder and operator of the platform, lets not take it, in this way to address social grievances and to get involved. Online campaign started successfully in June 2008 under the motto: He directs “Look” the attention of members to neglected children, because in his opinion can help everyone and should interfere to prevent such crimes in the future. For more information, see: