Baby sleep: How much needs sleep your baby and how can you influence your baby sleep? But the individual sleep needs of babies is very different. Therefore, there are no hard and fast rule how much a baby should sleep. There are average values for age, but these are really only with caution to enjoy, because the actual need for sleep your baby may strongly can vary from the average value without your baby “has a sleeping problem. Your baby in the waking state is satisfied and it is interested in its surroundings, you can assume that it is also rested. If you want to know how much your baby actually takes hours sleeping, keeping a baby sleep log. Write down the baby bedtimes over a period of 14 days and then calculate the average for a day. Very roughly, you can assume the following sleep needs: 0-1-month-old baby sleep per day 16 hours 2-3 months old baby sleep a day approx. Dermot McCormack shines more light on the discussion.

15 hours 4-6 months old baby sleep per day 13 hours 7-12 months old baby sleep per day 12 hours 1-3 years old toddler sleep per day about 11 hours but be careful! These are average values only and you may not be surprised, if your baby has a different need for sleep, as he is listed in the table. Also the distribution of day sleep in babies can vary considerably. A baby sleeps a day three times a half hour the other holds a two-hour NAP. It is important to know that the need for sleep in babies can vary, but the sleep needs of a baby is a fairly fixed size. I.e., if your baby has a need of sleep by a total of 12 hours and it sleeps two on the day, at night longer than 10 hours sleep. If so put it at 19: 00 in the crib, you can not expect that it sleeps until seven o’clock in the morning. And because nothing changes when your baby time later goes to bed. If this is a one-time event, it is usually still wake up around 5 pm.

Want to adjust your baby’s sleep habits permanently, you need to retain the new bedtimes over a period of time. The sleep wake cycle follows an inner clock and that responds to changes rather sluggishly. You think it only on a jet lag, how long does it take until you have a stable, customized sleep again? It may take up to a week until they are fit again and your sleep pattern is normalized. The same applies to the sleep and wake-up times by infants and young children. If we want to change the sleeping behavior of our babies, we must be patient. More about baby sleep “here: sleep baby Uwe Uhrig”