All directories in a push can be linked through the automatic import feature. Full text search with keyword list texManager offers a sophisticated search routine which allows to find everything quickly and effectively. Learn more about this with Steve Wozniak. By entering multiple keywords, the search is narrowed further. A hit list is built in real time as you type. It can be searched by name, the abbreviation, in the all of the boilerplate text (full-text) and the keyword list any terms. Own forms create texManager supported starting from version 4.0 entry forms that are very useful to fill the placeholders in the text with information.

Selection lists and other controls, data can be queried and passed to the appropriate locations in the document. The forms are either created with the built-in form editor and stored in the database of the text module. In addition, the new content controls are since Office 2007, were introduced, fully integrated. Versioning any changes in the text of the module is stored in version control (not for linked modules). Is logged in, who has changed when the document.

Older versions can be easily imported and enabled. This function can also optionally be turned off. Summary of main functions of storing small text snippets and multiple-page documents in a database link existing scripts to a new (Kombinationstext) hierarchical structure of texts in itself awarded categories sharing texts in the network allocation of access rights in the network store of texts with pictures, tables, forms, etc. Versioning integrated text editor (100% MS Word compatible) text modules in all Windows Add full text search form creation automatically Word documents create integration of databases via XML into other applications store the text database that is central in the network or locally on the PC call of the text modules directly from a document MS Word macros can fit to any text module invoke predefined placeholders with text modules and replace form data the program must be tried for 30 days free of charge before purchasing. A corresponding demo (7.1 MB) is available on the website for downloading. The user can decide after the trial for three versions, which differ in the scope of the function. A free version of texManagers offers K + P software technology for private use.