There is good news for the hundreds of people who took party for the eradication of the wild buffaloes that proliferated in the protected area of the mogotes de Jumagua during more than one decade. A few months ago I researched on the topic for a TV show and it was in the air the promise of several officials from the Ministry of agriculture in Villa Clara solve this problem in the first months of this year some encounters with Buffalo ruined the plans of building the hiking in the mogotes de Jumagua, ecological restoration receded to be devoured many of the plants that were sown to regenerate the forest and these animals to the rubbing your skin against the grown trees ruined hundreds of them bark buffaloes are capable of transforming a hollow in the ground in a small swamp to control their body temperature and evade the insects now removed them using traps with food taking advantage of environmental dryness forced to move in search of food. Are attracted to feeders specially prepared for them, so be they have extracted about 50 in just days of livestock and the ecological reserve specialists have insisted that those who do not come into these traps for hunting magazines will be hunted using weapons. They are animals that are very territorial and dangerous being manipulated when they have passed their life beyond the control of human Villa Clara has a population of around 7000 in news about hunting buffalo, half of them wanders without any control by the coastal to the West of the Rio Sagua la Grande plain, some tens of animals that were in other municipalities of the province will be also transferred to this area the peculiar geography of the Mogotes, waters and barriers put by farmers in the area courses cornered hundreds of animals against an area ecologically very important for Central Cuba once that are no longer a danger because I hope he lives the nature in this place of Villa Clara