The Calpurnius cartoonist gives his particular vision of the movement 15-M. The drawing can be used freely citing the sources. Download the bullet in high resolution (PDF). Graphic Illustrator for 20 minutes and Calpurnius has wanted to offer his point of view on the mobilizations of the 15-M in its traditional bullet from the well of Cuttlas. Their usual characters have become on this occasion in the hashtag tribe, gathered around a common thought with tag tuitera: #estamoshartos. The original impactante bullet has been published this Friday both in the printed 20-minute version in the web. You can also download the bullet in high resolution (PDF) this image adds to the rain of hashtag and illustrations that have emerged in recent days with the mobilizations of the 15-M.

The peculiarity is that the author concedes the use of the image without commercial purposes, under the criteria of Creative Commons. I.e. can be used of the bullet when is acknowledged authorship and provenance of the image: Calpurnius. It is not the first time that it brings a picture to add to a common initiative. That was the case, for example, of the movement in dnsa of rights of Internet, emerged as a result of the law Sinde. The Eneko cartoonist made an image that also spread under the same conditions of publication.