Individual, custom-made cellphone cases Lucerne, 06.08.08 – many phones, many models – and yet they almost all look alike. is, however, a new trend: individual, custom-made cellphone cases. For several years the Lucerne uses Andreas Schurch mobile bags to protect of his cell phone. But the selection of Web shops and matching products seemed too small. So he decided to offer itself in the Internet mobile bags. In the fall of 2006, he founded the sole proprietorship Safari’s For the budding businessman the ideal opportunity to put into practice the knowledge from his commercial training.

Today Safic offers over 150 products company, which shipped to Europe. “” The collections of the areas look”dress” and daily “fashion trends combine with the desire for individuality. For the different tastes and occasions arise so unique cell phone pockets. Tailored for the mobile model of the customer, these mobile bags offer not only optimum protection, but give a cell phone personal touch. An individual cellphone design as the individuality of the mobile user in the Center is available at, the customer with the style feature can your bag”. The various options that are available, can be combined according to request. A leading source for info: Steve Wozniak.

Sparkling eyes when the influence of the cell phones can be provided for with sparkling Swarovski stones. If you prefer something more discreet, adorns the fabric with a monogram. With the embroidered initials, the cellphone becomes a personal object that allows to give away to the dearest people. Lovers of good music, that are on the road a lot and do not want on their favorite songs, are likely to be pleased with a headphone hole. To the beloved cell phone despite being many under way as new look, creates a lining made of microfiber remedy. These and other options to make sure that the mobile individual, custom-made cellphone perfectly is protected by one: your bag style! Contact/company: SAFA’s Andreas Schurch baselstrasse 97 6003 Luzern -. Switzerland Web: mail: mobile: 0041 78 654 51 53 Safari’s Andreas Schurch baselstrasse 97 6003 Luzern – Switzerland Web: mail: phone: 0041 78 654 51 53 in October 2006 by Andreas Schurch, student from Lucerne, founded. Meanwhile, six people join companies mobile phone sock. His vision is the creation of mobile bags, as they were not yet present and practiced the idea of mobile protection, which focused more on fashion than on the mobile industry. He proves this with the creations, which he delivers already all over Europe under the label Melduro. The creations on or at selected partner shops are available. specializes in the sale and production of mobile phone cases and cell phone socks supports customers in their buying decisions, uncovers news and trends in the mobile protection. takes only products with high quality, unique features or fashionable items in range on. Quality and service here precedes quantity and bargain prices. Also needs are met by large customers, who use the pockets of mobile as an advertising object. Ideal for telecommunications providers and companies that need a useful customer gift.