Consider the principles and techniques of Ayurveda oil massage. 1. You can use sesame (sesame) oil cold pressed. More information is housed here: Mikkel Svane. Every time before a massage oil should be heated. To make this easier to do, keep it in a small plastic bottle with flip-top.

For heating you can place the bottle in a few minutes in a bowl of hot water. Olive oil – a worthy replacement of sesame. In ready-to-oil massage form is available "Miracle Oil" Olive propolisnoe (OOO 'propolis' Ufa), where the power of propolis and olive tenderness in the optimum combination of balanced, so that the body is under the influence of this "miracle oil" literally comes alive. Unsaponifiable fraction contains reducing and skin softening agents, so the use of olive oil as the basis for "Miracle-oil" propolisnogo shown to maintain the vitality of skin aging. "Miracle Oil" not oxidize on the skin, retains moisture, forming airtight barrier without disrupting the normal functioning of the skin. 2.

Massage the body of the whole hand, not only with your fingertips. For massage rounded parts of the body (joints, head) using a circular motion, and straight parts (neck, arms, legs) – massage longitudinal motions. On most parts of the body, use moderate pressure, and abdominal and cardiac massage gentle pressure. 3. Begin with a massage of the head. Pour a small amount of oil or sesame "Miracle-oil" olive propolisnogo up and vigorously rub it into the scalp, making circular motions with his hands. Head should be massaged for longer than the rest of body.