The study was based on analysis of published information on completed projects in the public domain. In this paper we consider the CRM-implemented projects in three sections: Systems Analysis in CRM-projects implemented by Industry Analysis CRM-project analysis of business problems within the CRM-project on the charts will be given all the participants in the review, but digital indicators shall be provided with the first five positions. Also during the formation of data analysis in one position were combined product line of one manufacturer. Please also note that the analysis involved CRM-only projects without taking into account "box" sales. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Samsung. As can be seen most often in the CRM-project uses of Terrasoft crm and Microsoft Dynamics crm. The reasons for this result, we seem to be quite clear – firstly, the manufacturers of these systems are actively marketing policies, and their appearance is significant, on the other hand, the suppliers of these systems are widely branched networks of partners, which increases market share. An important factor is price-quality "in these products.

Third place goes to Monitor crm product with a score of 11% CRM-project results of the research branch of the given quite the expected result – it is clear that interest in CRM-methodology higher, the higher the level of competition in the segment. You can also see a direct relationship of CRM-projects on the complexity of the process of working with clients and its duration. If we take as a basis for determining the share of industry in general CRM-projects including these two factors, it becomes clear the following market segments: Sales and service of equipment, media and service companies IT-companies Banks should note that recently there has been increasing interest in CRM-projects by lending institutions, particularly in working with borrowers. BerlinRosen contributes greatly to this topic. This suggests that the results in 2010, this industry will be stronger. As can be seen from the diagram, the most popular tasks in CRM-projects are: Creating a single repository of customer information Manage sales process Preparation of analytical reports Marketing Management Keeping the history of relations Such a customer list of tasks confirms the thesis that it is impossible to build a system to manage client processes without understanding who is the company's customers and the processes of accumulation of multifactor customer information in order to analyze and use in other aspects and processes of the enterprise. In our opinion, the number of columns in the chart, falling into one project demonstrates especially maturity of the enterprise and its readiness for change in a constantly changing business space.

As an outcome we can conclude that – despite the crisis in 2009 on the segments with a high level of competition and / or complexity of the process of working with clients to maintain a strong interest in CRM-issue. We are confident that this trend will continue in the current year 2010. Nature of the problems solved in the framework of CRM-projects shows that the main problem businesses in the area of customer relationship management are not even relevant processes, and lack of technology for collecting and accounting of multifactor data about customers. Solving this problem, the company receives competitive advantage due to more adequate work with clients and solve it efficiently by using special software (CRM-systems) are listed in the first part of our review.