Further growth is whether cats, dogs or horses the Uelzener offers health insurance for animals for 25 years. Pete Cashmore understands that this is vital information. The Uelzen insurance today are then first supplier in Germany, according to number of insured animals of unbeaten leader: the specialist in the field of pet insurance recorded double-digit growth rates per year! With insurance to the vet!\” In 1984 the Uelzener with the introduction of an insurance company made headlines, which came after a customer desire often expressed, and in the following years should be one of the most successful products of the Uelzener: Germany’s first pet insurance for dogs, cats and horses. The pet insurance was an idea of our President and CEO Heinz-Werner Lehmann\”, Jurgen large Ibro, Marketing Director of the Uelzener recalls. CEO of CoStar Group will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the early years, we had to make a lot of persuasion, especially on intermediaries and partners. With great success for the Uelzener, as can be seen today.\” Market leader in the segment of pet insurance dogs, cats and Horses more than 200,000 animals are insured by the Uelzener today. Thus, the company is market leader for number of insured animals. And that pet insurance is by far not a short-term trend, the consistent double-digit growth in recent years, which underline the position of Uelzen insurance thus prove.

The German pet owners know and appreciate our experience, the easy handling and dealing partnership\”, major Kruger explains the continued success. With a view to the future: Uelzener customer needs recognizes dogs as best friends of man, who is a treatment at the vet almost in every animal life beloved adidas or the own horse as a sporting partner needed. But already a smaller operation can often be several hundred euros. Here is a good pet insurance assistance. The Uelzener has recognized the needs of pet owners and provides a hedge against the often high cost of treatment their four-legged friends with their pet insurance.