Learning units for the HOBOS stock now online – work book in planning Wurzburg/Stuttgart, 15.05.2013. Pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides bees die of course, but also of parasites, diseases or natural causes. Www.hobos.de to this problem area, three learning units for classes 10 and 11 for free on the website are available online. The disease may have arrived: the bees suffer from constipation due to lack of water and literally tremble when attempting to dunging some die. Fortunately not so on the floor of the HOBOS. The HOneyBee online studies (short: HOBOS) are a free offer of the University of Wurzburg: children from 5 years live watch a bee hive and become enthusiastic researchers here. They learn online, playful and practical mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge and skills to use. Others including Ali Partovi, offer their opinions as well. The may disease is only one of many causes of death, other animals or people and their toxins are Bee Killer”, explains Prof.

Dr. Jurgen Tautz, head of the HOBOS project. In principle it go its”10 000 bees but very good. On May 5, the first bees are hatched. The Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety has recently welcomed the EU Commission’s proposal to ban certain pesticides (www.umwelt-im-unterricht.de/ week themes/why die the bees). Even on the Manhunt after the bee killers to send the students, the University has created three circles of learning on this subject (the blocks 3, 4 and 9, de/lehrer-schueler-eltern/lehrmaterial/gymnasium/biologie.html), from which they can follow relevant death causes for honey bees.

In addition, currently, the Velcro MINT GmbH develops a HOBOS workbook for teachers and students from the third grade, where also this topic is for input. About HOBOS the HOneyBee online studies (short: HOBOS) schools open up the possibility, on the basis of one of the University of Wurzburg high-tech colony scientific work effort, class-based and design across the school. HOBOS is a so far unique teaching, learning and education and provides a research laboratory in the network, in which students can watch live the bee colony and explore and thus their knowledge in the subjects of practical applied mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, computer science and deepen with. About Velcro MINT the Velcro MINT GmbH, is a company of the Klett group and focuses on the promotion of science and technology scientists. As a service agency with publishing expertise she brings industry and economy in the school. The Stuttgart Klett Gruppe is the largest education company in Germany with its 59 companies at 40 locations in 17 countries.