de on the future personnel 2013: Hall 2.1 Stand H. 18 Berlin, July 29, 2013 – on the future personnel 2013 in cooperation with the PROFILO rating agency presents the awards of Germany best job portals. The coveted seal of approval is awarded in the categories of General job boards, special job markets and advance stands for highest user satisfaction for workers and employers. The event will be on September 17, 2013 at 12:00 at the booth (Hall 2.1 ) Stand H. 18) instead.

Transparency on the job market and online recruiting for clients all over the world comfortably make the media agency is committed to this goal. On the future, staff in Cologne, the largest exhibition for human resource management in Europe, the company presents innovations in the recruitment on the Internet. The future staff, offers the perfect platform to direct communication with customers and partners the future of online recruitment to fashion”, so Dr. Michael Breyer, CEO of occupies a position of mediator, which always increases through the progressive digitalization of recruitment in importance as media agency.

Customers are now more than ever dependent on expert knowledge to navigate successfully on the net. We use the fair, to advise companies from all over Germany in personal conversation.” On the future personnel, the Agency offers its visitors a comprehensive consultation with prior analysis of current recruiting activities and recommendations for action. Prize-giving ceremony of in Germany committed best job portals since its inception for more transparency on the job market. Also the study this is the objective of Germany’s best job portals, which is carried by the PROFILO rating agency, the Institute for competitive recruiting and Crosswater job Guide. The awarding of the coveted seal of approval will take place this year at the booth. Pleased the results of the competition, at the stand of Germany’s best job portals to present and to give a seal of approval to the best job portals”, so Ute Stumpel, Managing Director of the PROFILO rating agency. Program points by on the future personnel 2013: awards of Germany best job portals in cooperation with PROFILO rating agency with followed by a champagne reception September 17, 2013. Fully comprehensive 12:00 advice at the stand 17-19th September 2013. 09:00 17: If you would like to take an appointment at the booth, please 30 to the press instead of Write an E-Mail to or fill out this form and get your free ticket for an appointment. is on the future personnel 2013 in Hall 2.1. Stand H. 18 in. We are looking forward to your visit at our booth.