Knowing how goes wiring in the apartment and seeing the consequences of fault, you can begin to search for the most trouble. If when the machine is off all the lights in the apartment, it means that a fault in any electric board, either in the first raspayachnoy box. Credit: Peter Asaro-2011. Open the electrical box and check or control the tester light bulb goes on whether this group the presence of voltage (phase). For better visibility, we use the control lamp (it lights up, or not illuminated). Check the voltage necessary after breaker. To perform this measurement and the waste coming from the breaker voltage relative to the working of the zero clamp (tire). If the input terminals are present through all three phases, and No one at the weekend, or all three, then, after turning off the introduction and distribution system by checking the absence of voltage input terminals protection device, proceed to removing and replacing a known good device (RCD).

If there is no fault in the electric board, you should check first raspayachnuyu box from the panel. Typically, a fault be discovered. If it does not come stress, therefore, by the way is broken (which rarely happens). The lack of lighting in a room can be caused by a malfunction of the fixture (chandelier lamp) or circuit breaker. By using the light bulb or Tester should verify when the switch contact of the incoming voltage lighting fixture and switch. Malfunction is likely lies in these compounds. If the apartment does not work part outlets, it means that the voltage applied to the rosette group, and the fault may be in non-performing outlets, as well as a running outlet (power comes from it). Troubleshooting should start with a working outlet. Check the tension on it so that the first concern of the two incoming wires, and then the two wires (phase and zero) of the outgoing wires. Contact between the wires can be oxidized and the electric current through that contact can not be held. Must be cleaned and re-tighten the wire contacts in the socket.