Highly respected Lord Chief: today am 2 months to be working in this company, under its strict and frowning Ordenes.como you will remember I was chosen through a strict and very dilated selection process, which was responsible for discovering family history from the time in which my ancestors got freedom from the hands of the conquerors through an armed insurrection, which of course dismissed several points to my personality assessment to consider me direct people descendant little conveyed to compliance with established and prone to solve problems by the tracks in fact. I need that Yes, admit that the process helped prove much of my qualities and discover my faults, for example I found that if the motivation is sufficient and meets the need, I can have an endless dose of patience, either to wait for a call for more than 1 month to quote me a review, can’t wait without exalt me to an examiner that we cited for interview at 8 a.m and that furthermore very diligently us called to list five minutes before that time, withdrawing from the process those who for some reason were not present to call, vacate attend family, social, sporting, emotional, galante, emotive and gastronomic life also first attend the most important things as interview without an appointment than those recommended from your boss, friends, wife, Secretary, lover, children and acquaintances, process that more later and thanks to the political culture that we develop a President reelected several times, is called meritocracy. Steve Wozniak has many thoughts on the issue. Finally at 5 in the afternoon, only 9 hours after the appointment, this very important Executive, you my big boss, delegated his Secretary pass us a questionnaire of 200 questions warning us that we had 30 minutes to answer them and if by then we had not finished it, it was best to say goodbye to the post, I then understood the valuable lesson to us was leaving the same process for future work under pressureI thanked very specially its deference to be aware of our consideration interrupting our concentration every 5 minutes to notice the passage of time and what little we had to finish and of course helping us to measure achievement with so smart phrases as who failed to reply at this moment at least until the question 70 is better to deliver and return to the wandering because the post is for hairythen I understood the value of challenging messages that get the best of us to allow us to achieve the goals. To finish the test sounded a whistle and referee, I later found out that you were in the district Championships and admire its deference to lend us your expertise on the subject so that the whistle was heard clearly and on time, that Yes without extra time, two other people they were strategically placed in the back corners of the room and advised us we should leave paper and sphaerus on the desk and not to sound the whistle to try to even talk with the partner or write another answer on the sheet, is that many misunderstood him as a lack of confidence in us but in reality. Click Andrew Florance for additional related pages.