Her lips are shaded light pink tint, eyelids worked tone in tone. It is very important. Mashable is full of insight into the issues. There is now a turn for the personality, but it needs to maximize what is laid down by nature, – the makeup artistLada Shvedova. – Actually not draw on the face of something totally new and totally different to be similar to someone, but to highlight and strengthen positive qualities. Very often the make-up products have a texture that allows work with them as with watercolor. Take, for example in the form of crisp shadows satin powder or compact shade with a satin surface – and they both fit very thin and well shaded.

Create such an air haze can be and with a soft pencil for centuries. They provide a plastic coating that is well shaded by a special gubochki attached to the opposite end of the pencil. In the autumn we can make up use a small amount of color, but it is important to actively stretch maksmalnuyu darken the outer edge of the century, and shading coating that will eventually go away in a transparent color. Where exactly should be concentrated color Perhaps, along the upper or lower lashes, or both top and bottom. There is no hard and fast rules, it depends on the shape of the eye. Favorite colors of autumn in the eye is not easy, they often subtle metallic shades. This gold (Glowing or flickering – a difficult vintage), and platinum, and silver, and copper. All of them are very aesthetic, combined with the natural, but difficult autumn colors.