It is researched, analyzed and developed. The strategy and processes are always complicated, but the successes are seen as a whole more moderately. As always, the solution in the simple lies. If it worth living joy in the company more funded, exactly this by the people is work and allow for new growth. Joy in the company. For some, it is already everyday life, for many, this is still a foreign Word.

If the person who has to do a job, don’t like doing his job, then millions can invested thousands, saved and yet the development is blocked. One of the most important life tasks that a person has, is to find out what he wants to be, what he wants to do. A factor for failure is to take on a person, who does his job for the money stop, because you just have to work. Who is responsible for personnel, should have the gift to feel if a man loves his work. If people with joy and enthusiasm make their work, is this creativity, excellence and thus Free success.

Motivation is here almost no longer necessary. These people inspired by the work itself. Such people are rarely to never get sick, are very loyal to a company to support and encourage fellow and also bullying has no chance. Additional information is available at Samsung. Therefore you can no longer afford to spoil the joy of the people in the workplace conditions or non-inspired leaders. That costs money. Any Executive who doesn’t love their work and scare off the joy of work therefore people, a company can bring to the case. It is increasingly important that the visions of the companies in the people bring something to vibrate. I want to do with the feeling of there!” Such a powerful vision attracts people who work not only with pleasure, but who want to experience a sense of life through their work. This combination of work life and job satisfaction is one of the keys to a future of afraid you need. Enjoyment or non-enjoyment is the question of success! Sonja ch. Kelz