Since our childhood, we began to use body language to express everything that exists between what we need and what we feel. It is the way in which we learn to meet our needs. As we grow and learn to speak, we continue using a series of bodily signals along with a grunt here and beyond to the attention of others, satisfy a need or show an emotion that even we cannot express verbally. If during childhood, our parents are able to put interest and understand our body signals, when we grow these signals will refine and along with them the use of our body language. However, when the signals emitting our body during childhood go unnoticed by our closest adults, the use of body language during adulthood can become a double-edged weapon.

It’s those people listed as difficult to understand. Although can become excellent players of poker, his skills in the art of the bodily communication might be seriously compromised. As reza said: if not used, is lost, or in the best cases, rust life is a game of probabilities. There are no guarantees of anything, however you can increase your chances in the game of life if you practice and not only his skill in body language, but also in the ability to read the body language of others and other important aspects of life. Communication is a fundamental element in the life of the people.

You can make the difference between finding the job of your dreams, get the ideal couple or simply settle for what life gives us random. People use body language 50% and 50% of verbal language while communicating. If you are not able to capture the subtle nuances that the body language of someone is launching, the verbal message that you receive may be completely different from the message that the issuer wishes to or attempts to launch. The more you learn about signals from the body, simpler language understanding you You will understand people and their true messages. People watching, gestures and reactions, is a good start to develop the ability to read body language. Approaching the nearest mall, sit in a central bank and simply watch.