Introduction In the process software development, a question very argued is the productivity. The more complex systems are to each day and many standards of development and management of processes do not take care of the desired expectations. Hear from experts in the field like Pete Cashmore for a more varied view. In the search of new practical methodologies and of software development, some solutions as the orientation the objects and standards of project, still leave distant of the dreamed reutilizao and fast implementation of complex systems. However the componentizao is an alternative capable to deal with on problems to the reaproveitamento, of code, but of functionalities and interfaces, independently of platform, not only also diminishing costs and time of development. With the development based on components, the idea appears of ‘ ‘ it creates a time, uses where quiser’ ‘. In this concept line is not necessary to write a new application codifying the line, but it consists of mounting implemented systems using component already. Thus providing fast development, easiness of maintenance and greater quality of the systems.

However, to find components that if incase in distinct business-oriented domnios is something difficult, being suggested then the implementation of its proper components. For this the use of standards in all process of development of software components is essential. This study it describes subjects related to the componentizao, that must be analyzed before a deepened study more in this universe of the componentizao of software. The treat concepts will be the Engineering of software, engineering web and engineering of components, as well as the technology distributed Java, Design Patterns, PostgreSQL, RUP and Systems.