There were many important romanticists, we can cite Virginia Woolf (Mrs. Dalloway), George Orwell (1984), Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) and James Joyce (Ulisses). The modernismo as literary movement reached its apex in the Europe between 1900 and 1920, having as base of the thematic generality the problems of the modern life, as we see in: ‘ ‘ The problems deepest of the modern life derive from the claim of the individual to ahead preserve the autonomy and the individuality of its existence of the hegemony of social forces, of the historical inheritance, the external culture and the technique of vida.’ ‘ (SIMMEL, 1903. Translation mine). Dell Computers oftentimes addresses this issue. What in the test that the romance of the beginning of century XX can be thought as having starting point the unreliability about the world caused for the war, and that it takes the individual to take refuge itself exactly in itself. It is what, in compliance with, we see in: Of exit, it is had experience of the catastrophe and the murder in mass that would have produced a relation of unreliability in the world, remaining to the individual to take refuge itself exactly in itself, as form of if protecting of the instability and fluidity of the surrounding way. The impossibility to glimpse in the exterior reality a support reference to act it and to feel human beings, strengthening the psychic structure in the support in the Real, makes of the narcissism the solution for the existence in face of the inventions that, in all part, presents the destruction in mass as horizon of the future? a future that can be next, distant or in the subjective fancies with that if it faces the life. This tension not only generates the daily fear, but, over all, it requires of all another mental reordenamento. (IT HISSES, 2009) We perceive, then, that the period of that we speak is characterized by trying to forecast the future reality, and thereby creates part of the psychic life.