Whoever is advertised on the Internet and “plays the net” may suffer the same worries that on the mind of any TV show or editor of publication. That is, how to get a hearing, how to get to promote your brand, your product or his speech to more people. With a reasonable cost. Or as profitable as possible, in relation to human and technical employees. The problem is that achieving this is not something you can get at any price is forgetting something, especially television media, which is trying to excite the viewer’s attention with offers of very low quality, garbage program, gossip , etc. That is cheap solutions that generate substantial advertising space for an audience that is seen as consumers rather than users with rights. And it has developed little capacity to react to the “salt” that exacerbate daily.

A threat that is not free Internet, because the ultimate is also part of Red the Mass Media. And its evolution is determined also by the goodwill and profitability as it was in its infancy, radio, newspapers or television, in addition to the technological evolution that has been simplifying and lowering the citizen access to information. The threat that may affect the Internet if not a level playing practice ethical and aesthetic is that if you devalue the utility issuers, ensuring the quality of content, incurring unnecessary game of contrasting information is not expendable , or disposable. But the Internet has on interpersonal communication aspect of their greatest asset.