The knowledge bases innovative process, to encourage the exploration of the existing knowledge. This is part of ' ' asset intangvel' ' that the long-stated period is only obtained. Firms with great rotation of man power tend to be stop backwards in the future, because by means of marketing chance, are without the set of knowledge necessary to come back to operate again in the border. To form technological qualification, of the side of the firm, this it can create qualification. A related site: Kai-Fu Lee mentions similar findings. The innovative firm must follow the standard of its sector, a knowledge differentiated in the scope of the firm, what it can be basic to be part of the new innovative process inside of its respective sector.

Can be possible the firm to transform its knowledge into innovation? following the state of the arts? when it can be part of the new innovative process and with differential (FREEMAN, 1997; SOUZA AND HISSES, 2000). Inside of the innovation process, he can have an interaction when making the things. The supplier can be an ally to develop products in set with the consumer, being able to have one strong symbiosis between supplier. – The technological innovative process has fort presence in institucional the cooperative process Inter-firms and. The knowledge can be disclosed for the universal knowledge strong interrelated with the experience that produces an innovation better – without manual – of what the competitor, with manual. The knowledge, by means of manuals, as well as in the routine can be detailed and explicit; the tacit knowledge, also, by means of the experience and abilities in constant perfectioning; the public knowledge, still, by means of improvements of the public system of education, or another form, specialized programs of television; also, the private, individual knowledge of the firm, when this search that others know the process, by means of ' ' patentes' ' , where its employees only know the secrets and who of is to desire, to remunerate by means of royalties.