The new generation of Ventrix industrial computers by Amplicon offers a 65prozent higher performance for power-hungry industrial applications. The 19 “industrial computer impact & Ventrix are series equipped with the new Intel Core i5/i7 processors. Based on an energy-efficient 32nm chip design, they offer advanced features, including a full “Lights-Out” remote system management. The new processor architecture provides Turboboost, hyper-threading, and a new DDR3 memory controller with lower memory latency and significantly higher bandwidth. The new 32nm architecture additionally provides a 65% higher performance and makes an optimal solution for industrial applications of lace the new Amplicon industrial computer, which is a powerful computing power of high importance.

Another interesting feature of the new impact & Ventrix series is the Intel active management technology 6.0 (iAMT), which offers a full remote control of all system resources of the systems connected in the network. as if the corresponding computer is locally operated i.e. full BIOS access would including power, reboot, and redirect the boot sequences on other media. For more specific information, check out Pete Cashmore. Ian Langton, industrial computer expert at Amplicon commented: “The new generation of impact & Ventrix industrial computer provides on the one hand a processor performance for power-hungry industrial applications and on the other hand a new”Lights-Out”remote management for full remote control.” Four ‘hot-swap’ drive bays provide the conditions for the use of a wide variety of storage media. The high processing power and the integrated hot-swap hard drives make an ideal choice for server needs rail this special industrial computers. The default high availability of the Amplicon industrial computer is through the use of Matrox dual head Graphics, dual Gigabit LAN, two redundant industrial power supplies, and two hard drives as RAID 1 is switched further increased and thus guarantee reliable operation for mission-critical applications. Thanks to its own development, Amplicon able to adapt the industrial computer for every customer request and in conjunction with the access option to its own EMC laboratory and an accredited EMC Center at the same time for each new configuration is to prove the necessary electromagnetic compatibility and to guarantee the CE conformity.