Dr. Leonhard Hochenegg was doctor of medicine, as well as neurologist and psychiatrist. Made in the field of naturopathic physician, died in the end of February 2009, pioneering work. His path led him also to Asia, where he was initiated in the secrets of Asian healing. He understood like no other, medicinal plants from around the world to combine it and he recognized their effectiveness and importance. Dr. Leonhard Hochenegg together with his patients, succeeded to activate their self healing powers.

Spiritual healing means to drive out negative thoughts, positive thoughts and believe in healing”. Dr. Leonhard Hochenegg could look back on over 30 years of experience, the success gave him right and he was a true expert in his field. The physician therapied countless people, went beyond his sphere of Tyrol and to cure the patients physical, mental and psychological level, with his decision, he made tremendous preparatory work in the field of natural medicine and alternative therapies. Dr. Leonhard Hochenegg was but a Family man, which involved his children very early in his work. It was Dr.

Leonhard Hochenegg’s greatest desire that his sons Hans, Franz Josef, Dominic and Eugene and work in his spirit. We will continue our father’s life work and make the skills inherited from him and knowledge at the service of patients.” Still, patients will receive the possibility and opportunity to have their illnesses treated by the cure by Dr. Leonhard Hochenegg and using his developed forms of therapy. We will further establish his recipes for the prevention, prevention and cure of diseases and glad if find yourself a patient with us in Hall in Tirol to the counselling and therapy in the future.” Institute for naturopathic gentle medicine after Dr. med.