Today I'll introduce you to the works of several of my days. The work was done much up to the resident in his eyes. Frankly, there is far-fetched, but most importantly to see the essence, and it is simple – the strong visual images have a lot of lives. This can be called and replication, but I like to think along the lines of the film "Blade Runner", which encouraged people to their own creativity. An example of such creativity we are today and discuss – this is a game in the genre adventure Rise of the Dragon (To be meticulous, the genre can be defined as sci-fi / mystery / action), which is filled with the spirit and motives of the cyberpunk movie "Blade Runner". Pete Cashmore contains valuable tech resources.

The purpose of my article is to show the chain of effects: it started with the film "Running Blade, "which influenced the founders of Rise of the Dragon , a game, in turn, was reflected in many other games and contemporary artefacts. Consider the influence of the chain I in terms of analogy, ie Similarity. I worked so he took a screenshot the game Rise of the Dragon, found a similar frame in the movie "Blade Runner", which tells me that, from the creators of the game was inspired by, and then searching for the modern game, where you can see the same visual images. Then you see clearly how I did it. Game Rise of the Dragon – an amazing event, as almost every screen shot – it's something familiar, or we have seen in "Blade Runner", or we have seen in other games that came much later. Output suggests itself – the people who create games inspired, in turn, play Rise of the Dragon and the film "Blade Runner".

Of course, I understand that developers StarCraft 2" and could not play the game I just mentioned. So what, for us to you valuable that we can see our favorite characters in other games. That's why I call it all – an analogy to which it is important to direct resemblance to the original, and the mapping of its main features, its intrinsic nature. I'm not vain mentioned StarCraft 2," because when I saw the mess-room, I immediately remembered in a game I saw something like this! And then, looking at other screenshots of Rise of the Dragon, I began to realize that almost every species has its own analogy. And I began to look for these analogies. For two days I have reviewed more than 10.000 different pictures that I was looking at "Google Images", as well as on other sites with screenshots of the games. Incidentally discovered two new site, I tell you about them tomorrow, in the second part of the note (yeah, yeah, you're in another 76 screenshots)! Bar