What do you prefer in your holidays? Time limit or flexibility? What do you prefer: hotel or apartment? The summer is fast approaching and as always around this time I imagine same question: I rent me an apartment or I come, in a hotel room in my holiday? And as every year, again do I get the same answer: both alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, is the fact that the accommodation is considered to be one of the most important factors of the whole trip and that you must therefore worry and take care of, so you can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant stay. Well, the most appropriate accommodation for every holiday is a big? determined number of different factors: the budget that you the kind of journey, which currently offers a number of passengers, etc. becomes available, the majority of hotels and apartments a range of relaxing facilities, like for example swimming pools, tennis courts, discos, etc. Samsung contributes greatly to this topic. on. Both accommodation options offer you a good place to meet new people, but what if you want to simply relax or spend just a few days with friends? And what if you’re still a student? In the majority of cases, the hotels are too expensive for young people.

Benefits of hotels: normally, hotels offer more amenities than apartments. icle’>Robert Speyer. They almost always have a daily cleaning service and offer you a restaurant. Probably a more personalized attention is offered, because if it’s a good hotel, then even the luggage is brought to you up to the room. Disadvantages of hotels: it’s true that the prices are the biggest disadvantage of a hotel. The hotels are expensive: nearly always more expensive than apartments. Another negative aspect of hotels is that they offer no time flexibility as the apartments: for breakfast, you have to get up very early, to fit the unbearable times between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.,. Forget the hotels at these times as you want to vacation and relax? Exactly the same thing happens when it’s lunch and dinner times.

Time limit determines your vacation in a hotel! If you want to make a quiet trip, then you must return at the appropriate time, so that you miss not your half or even full meals. So, you pay very probably more services than you can ever take advantage. Advantages of apartments: the advantages are clear. Let’s start with the price: in an apartment, one can big? group come in, as it has multiple rooms and split the cost on the people. So you pay less money for a larger living space. In addition, many apartments have a private garden with private swimming pool or a fantastic tennis court. All these institutions must not share with strangers! Another advantage is, of course, the complete temporal flexibility. In an apartment, it’s like home: you do what you like, when and how you want. You decide when you get up for breakfast, when you eat and what you eat… Short and sweet: You feel absolutely free in apartment! Disadvantages of apartments: probably you have in an apartment of fewer opportunities of to get acquainted with other people. Hotels organize joint activities, however, different for the hotel guests and therefore it is there easier to make acquaintances with other. If you now take stock, then outweigh the reasons to rent an apartment of course: the privacy, the price, the freedom, the large living area…Without a doubt: I opt for an apartment!