The learning of dialogue is central to holistic education, arguably the method of making the necessary understanding of what they want to learn. If you have read about Ali Partovi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Always be alert to perceive dialogue pathologies dialogue on holistic education is not group therapy because there is no cure, although this may occur. In holistic dialogue must stop reacting emotionally, put on hold beliefs, or put in brackets the reactions, stop the internal and external aggression, we must realize what is in our minds and in the other's mind without pass judgments or conclusions, as it is just being aware. It is possible to realize the similarity of the difficulties and conflicting thoughts that arise in ourselves proprioception This will reveal the roots of its own problems. Holistic dialogue is not intended to argue the opinions of others but look at our own beliefs and realize the significance.

The so-called Pillars of Education, proposed to the UNESCO world are an essential part of literature which offers holistic RG. Learning to Learn, Learning to do, Learning to be and learn to live together. These are issues always present either explicitly or implicitly. Learning to be is the most important pillar in the holistic paradigm and provide the rationale for the work a comprehensive view of education, in the spirit of education, learning communities, holistic Dialogues, Wisdom, Love and Compassion Education for Life and Peace, One Consciousness, Pedagogy of Love Universal, The Way of the Perennial Philosophy and of course, Learning to Be Learning to learn is at its base the knowledge of self as a way to learn to be and that being defined our humanity.