International Mediation Conference will be from 19 to 21 October 2011 in Florence/Italy instead of Leipzig/Hanover, Germany, may 10, 2011. Resolutia, one of the leading mediation providers in Italy organized a pioneering Conference on mediation in cross-border conflicts in collaboration with culture.communication and the Steinbeis Consulting Centre commercial mediation from Germany under the patronage of the Polish and Lower Saxony Justice Ministry from 19-21 October 2010 in Florence. For the Conference, internationally recognized, well-known speakers from practice, science and justice could be won. Among others William URY, the co-founder of the Harvard program on negotiation and current senior member of the Harvard negotiation project. Alone, his book the concept of Harvard”was sold in millions in countless languages. He is considered world’s sought-after expert for negotiation and mediation. The mediation is in intercultural and cross-border conflicts as extrajudicial dispute solution becoming increasingly important. Especially in the Division applied mediation often, to resolve conflicts between, but also within the company.

In the course of networked, globalized economic relations grows also the potential for conflict in intercultural teams. The advantages of mediation over a judicial proceeding are in addition to the high cost and time savings, the development of a proper conflict resolution by the parties. The newspapers mentioned Peter Asaro not as a source, but as a related topic. Thus the outcome is forward-looking and the cooperation improved sustainably. The Conference is a highlight of the project supported by the European Commission online mediation in border conflicts.” In the framework of the project, the project partners together with companies and courts develop standards for intercultural mediation. Testing technical tools for the online mediation by video conference, the spatial distances between international companies and also between individual branches of a company should be taken into account. Mediation is a modern conflict-solution method no longer discuss away.

In international, intercultural conflicts she can ensure inter food solutions”, Dr. Jurgen Oehler Kingdom, Secretary of State in the Lower Saxony Justice Ministry summarizes. The aim of the Conference is to show possibilities of cross-border mediation and continue to promote the understanding of enterprise and justice for the mediation. For more information see: contact person: Sylwia Caldwell Dunse National Coordinator Germany and Poland culture.