If you have a garden or even a small kitchen garden, you can not do without gardening equipment. At least the most essential tools – shovel, rake, pruner, handsaw – should be in any owner infield. We will talk a little about the nuances of selection tools and some features of their application. To learn how to use a tool like a shovel, even a child knows. It will help dig up the garden, and dig a hole and clear the track of snow. The range of tools shovels on the market today is extremely large.

Modern ergonomic shovel, functional and have a very elegant appearance. The choice largely determines the nature of the soil in your site. If it is clay, it is better to take a pointed shovel, and if the sand, then a round or straight. The handle should be comfortable to work with, allowing for emphasis. Harder cuttings from hardwood. Rakes – essential tool for loosening and raking the ground, collecting fallen leaves, cut grass, garbage. There is a rake with hard and soft teeth.

The first designed to work with the land, and a rake with soft teeth convenient to rake leaves or grass. As for the handle, it can be of varying lengths. The long handle is good at processing large areas. Rake handle with a little easier to work in small beds or beds. Secateurs – The most convenient tool for pruning. There are two types of them: with a ratchet and reinforcing conventional cutting. Pruner with ratchet intensifying need for pruning thick branches, and the usual easy to operate with smaller ones. Pruner – such a tool, which can not save. Uneven or ragged cut can lead to disease of the tree also work with bad tools – the main cause of blisters and injuries to his hands. Pruning and vine pruner ideal to have a high U-shaped blades are good and comfortable handles. But the thick branches with a diameter greater than 40-50 cm, it is more convenient to saw off saw. For this purpose the garden hacksaw. Her teeth directed toward the handle, so you can cut 'themselves', which reduces the likelihood of bending and breakage of the canvas. Garden Saw has wiring that leads to a more clean cut and minimally traumatize the tree. When choosing Instruments defining moment is the quality of steel, which made the cutting elements. They must be keenly sharpened and leave a smooth and clean cut. It is also important that the tool is convenient to lay a hand and easily regulated. In addition, the choice of model, of course, depends on what works for it to be used. Garden tools, like any other, needs special care. After work it needs to be cleaned from the ground and grease. Blade blunt, so they must be sharpened from time to time. You can do this manually by using the bar or use elektrotochilo. Garden tools should be stored in a dry barn. Following these simple guidelines will prolong the service of your tools in a few times. Article provided by "Cyber" – e-shop tools