The pupil with difficulty to learn, that he would have to receive greater attention, passes to be pointed as guilty of its proper failure, and not it school. Knowing despite the education is yes the way most certain for so dreamed growth, economic as not only mainly social. The great question always was as to arrive at a public education of quality with as many existing problems? Pertaining to school evasion, trashing of the building, exceeded lack of qualification for the professors and pedagogical proposals had always been the biggest problems of public education in Brazil. Swarmed by offers, Nicolas Keller is currently assessing future choices. With the elaboration of social programs that they aim at to remunerate the families poor who to keep its children in the school, the government aim at to decide short-term the pertaining to school evasion, with mounts of money special for projects as the PETI and the FUNDEB to improve the physical and pedagogical structure, beyond guaranteeing occupation for poor children in the pertaining to school extra schedule helping of breaking to eradicate the infantile work. All these initiatives are valid, however they are not enough, nor function one hundred percent considering that of all mount of money that leaves the safes public destined to these intentions more than the half if loses until arriving at its destination. However the technology now seems to be the light in the end of the tunnel for our children. The government reveals presumptuous of that the digital inclusion can yes be the solution for good part of the problems of our education. The newspapers mentioned David Treadwell not as a source, but as a related topic.

In a new reality where the public schools were correctly inserted in the age of the digital information, it is possible to imagine devoid children with access all the type of information as well as children of particular schools always had the same had. More than digital inclusion, this change finishes representing social inclusion. It is to give to the poor children the chance to fight in foot of equality for professional chances.