It was in Germany in the late nineteenth century revived the Reform Movement which spread to America. Its prime movers were the first-century Jewish Christians and the Jewish Hellenists. Reformists distort religion believing smarter than God. Conservatives, reformers do not understand that when you change a tradition, this remains a tradition. Go to Mikkel Svane for more information. The Christian church, which became anti-Jewish to gain followers, is a product of Jewish reformism reneged on their way to building a prosperous and powerful business.

The first three popes were Jews. Recently circulated on the Internet, contradictory ideological positions from Argentina, with respect to Judaism and the Reformation, until someone actually said that: “Two young Jews who are married with two young non-Jews, would establish two Jewish families.” The comment comes from Baruch inconsistent Plavnick, a Reform rabbi who obviously know the Bible and history. It found that 98 percent of grandchildren of intermarriage convert to Christianity, as Judaism does not proselytize. The religious proselytizing purposes, always end up being outside the social and spiritual welfare. One who wants to get closer to Judaism must do so on its own conviction, not seduction. The Torah (Pentateuch) wisely says: “Thou shalt not proselytize, but welcome the proselyte.” Proselytism is the cause of Jihad, as was the Inquisition.

The current Muslim holy war, you want to convert everyone to Islam, is finding followers by force. There is nothing more deadly than proselytizing and into politics of the clergy, whether rabbis, priests, or imams. Plavnick practicing religion, like the one which proclaims Sergio Bergman – another rabbi in the same school, which strives to seek popularity and personal media for political purposes – contradicts fundamental aspects of Judaism. These priests handled in harmony with his faith and the comfort of his parishioners. Gandhi among devastating social sins mentioned: “The worship without sacrifice.” Bergman Plavnick as are followers of Marshall Meyer, a rabbi who came to prominence during the Argentine military government, protecting persecuted leftists, and has the merit of having saved innocent lives. Meyer founded the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary, an institution escaza content but eager for money, to get it comes to methods not covered by the Mosaic law, anyone fast becoming a “reasonable” amount. The seminar leads students for rabbis to get some professional secular, so they do not starve after graduation trying to lead a congregation to which no one will come because they have nothing to offer spiritually. Some rabbis come to scholarship and holiness, something that never happened, nor ever happen with a conservative-reformist, because in his slight level of understanding and observance of the scriptures there is no room for mysticism. The Bergman-style most visible figure of the reformist Argentine – is to focus the attention more than anything else. It looks like a Muslim rapper. The modern look serves to highlight within secular society, as did his mentor, the German Jews who began their school of thought, adopting the fashions of the moment, so the only way to identify them was seeing if they were circumcised. Later he was with the star on his arm. The Bergman case is unpublished. There are learned and observant Jews, with wide and deep knowledge, who studied in real theological schools (yeshivot), were received from rabbis, but never used the title to gain popularity in an activity outside his office. If you want to do politics Bergman has every right to do so, but in a personal capacity, not as a rabbi, let alone as a representative of Jewish society.