So, to the point. The most effective and stable combination of free programs, in my opinion, is HandyCache + CProxy + Proxomitron. HandyCache caches to disk uploaded the web pages, CProxy compresses traffic and Proxomitron cut advertising. Weighs all together 3.8 Mb. For First you need to configure your browser to work with HandyCache. Consider the three most popular browsers: ie, Firefox, Opera. IE: Tools-> Options-> Connections. If the list of 'Dial-up and virtual private networks' is connection, then you need by selecting it, click on the button 'Settings', tick 'Use a proxy server for this connection (not available for other connections).', click on 'Advanced' in the first two fields write a in the large and 8080 small.

After you do the same by clicking on the button 'Configure lan ' the tab 'Connections'. Firefox: Tools-> Options-> Advanced-> Network-> Configure-> proxy configuration manually. HTTP-proxy, port 8080. Opera: Tools-> Options-> Advanced-> Network-> Proxies. Put a tick before the 'HTTP' and write in the unlocked fields address and port 8080. Next you must configure HandyCache for traffic in Proxomitron. Preferences-> Sharing.

In the 'Port' write 8080. Click on an empty list of users to a new record. Put a tick 'Enable', double clicking on the column 'IP', put this out there, in the Name field to enter any name. Settings-> External proxy set birds 'Allow' in the top and once again the 'Allow' next to 'Unconditional proxy'. Further you need to click on the list, will have a new proxy. Put a tick 'Enable' and fill in the field 'host' and 'Port' and 8192, respectively. Customize Proxomitron'a maksimalno simple: you need to click it on the 'Proxy' button and write The last point – CProxy. Everything is complicated by the fact that the original program in the Czech language. To switch to the Russian language click on the second menu item, with an inscription similar to the 'Automaticke nastaveni', choose the drop-down list, the Russian language, apply the settings by pressing the third button on the left, at the bottom that says something like 'POUZIT'. After the need to remove all the checkboxes in the list 'Speed up the connection', click on 'Apply'. After that will likely once again to configure the proxy in Internet Explorer. To use the free registration required. In the first text box on page registration you must enter your e-mail, others also want to fill, but they can enter any abracadabra. By e-mail will come login and password that you want to insert into the field 'ID user' and 'Password' under 'Settings'. All this torment ended. Should be observed in growth rate and less traffic in 2-4 times when surfing the web.