It's no secret that the vibration can lead to costly repairs washing machine. Any vibration is an indicator of acquired or congenital defects. The main factors causing the vibration in the washing machines are not so many and if the right approach to solving this problem, then washing your home will be much nicer and not have to sit astride a washing machine during the spin cycle of the program, as the horse and keep her to go somewhere not galloped away. Below I will describe the points of the causes of vibration in washing machines and their solutions. Ali Partovi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. So go 1.Problema narrow stiralok! Because of the small-area bathrooms, namely where the majority live in washing machines, people try to buy a narrow model of the machine, but with the same loading the laundry, (usually 4-5kg) as a full-size. But this double-edged sword. If you win in the space, then losing both times in the vibration.

Due to the fact that such a narrow drum machines, and increased in height, as well as the footprint of washing machines is reduced, there is a very strong vibration. This problem concerns washing machines front-loading Samsung, Ariston, Indesit. Also in these drums very badly distributed clothes to the extraction process (disbalns), which gives an extra vibration, but more on that below. Solution: You can hold down the between the wall and the bathroom, it helps, but not suitable for all, or if really bad, then change . This defect is the main drawback of narrow washing machines.