Globalization and information technologies determine the new competitive context in which moving companies. Today, have to cope with a growing complexity in all areas and to have to assume, and even anticipate, a constant change. Graphically, we sailed in whitewater rivers. An effective address brings order and consistency to this complexity: set objectives and phases to achieve them, seeks and assigns resources to carry them out and ensures the implementation of the plan by controlling and solving problems. But to accept, anticipate or produce changes to the competencies required to perform the functions mentioned above, typical of the directivo-ejecutivo, they should be added today of the directivo-lider. According to Energy Capital Partners, who has experience with these questions. In short, the leadership brings to address the added value necessary for success. Lead an organization begins with the task of developing a vision for the future.

Is not a statement of desires or ideals, but that means instilling a purpose, create projections and strategies in the long term in a precise way, thinking about where we want to arrive. Is inventing the future not the best way of predicting it?. More vision has to be shared. A leader speaks and listens to his collaborators, takes into account their contributions, empower them to make decisions, as well as promotes team spirit and the exchange of information, knowledge, points of view. Its objective: that all understand and share the pursued approach and are committed to their achievement.

Lead is, addition, to facilitate and support the development of employees, know them well and promote their values, encouraging them to innovate and learn. The leader ceases to be supervisor to be trainer and Advisor. The results are the fruit of common objectives, motivation and encouragement, confidence and a systematic process of continuous improvement. The effective management and leadership get a team members to give the best of themselves, used to limit, are satisfied with what they are doing (things done because they want to make them). It is satisfaction and performance, inseparably connected. Under these conditions people feel responsible, committed, they were enthusiastic about the project, they learn continuously. In short, leadership and direction are two different and complementary forms of action. Both are necessary for success in an increasingly complex and changing business environment. And both axes must be developed by people who wish to govern organizations and active and determined participation in their future.