The real and personal property, equipment and other, which it owns or acquires through its economic management as well as national projects, international or foreign accordance is in accordance with current legislation. 29.4. The documents of scientific and technical information, documents, objects of historical value and others. 29.5. Revenue lawful under the laws in force in the country, from domestic or foreign, through the provision of technical services, consultancy, development and dissemination of information materials from training or preparation of the different categories of personnel involved in disaster reduction activities at different levels and institutions, international, foreign, state, private, or mixed cooperatives. 29.6.

Other income resulting from the activities of the organization and does not contradict the provisions that exist in current legislation. 29.7. Revenues from scientific events that can be organized with the contribution resulting from the charge for participation and / or with the contribution of other national, international or foreign, governmental, nongovernmental, private, cooperative, mixed or other. ARTICLE 30: The funds and other lawfully obtained by the Executive Secretariat of the SIBMVD, taking into account the international character of this society, its Executive Secretariat works in the form attached to the SCMVCD in Cuba, are not part of the heritage the latter, the same must be registered and financially controlled manner differentiated and assets will be satisfied as set out in the statutes governing the SIBMVD. ARTICLE 31: The funds that are being paid the basic fee will be used in function associated with the interests of the institution and its partners, the provincial level may have up to 60 and 40% for the national body, taking into account the characteristics of its origin.