Sufficiently concise, intelligent ( gentel translated to English means" soft ") and quiet style, not dominating the man, but appeal to his inner nobility and taste. Separately isolated and so-called European style. He is the least severe, is designed for a bright picture, nice looking "fast" effect, and therefore is shifting flowering plants, continuing throughout the season, make it a major component of design. Style of composition of the stones and ornamental plants can be the same, and may contrast with the overall style of the garden. In Anyway, any decision must be motivated, make sense and give birth to the association. No one style is no other advantages over the other, moreover, that he is most acceptable by all members of the family of the owner plot.

Rocard should not, of course, be created at the expense of important functional zones of the garden. And only if it places on the site sufficient to meet all the needs of your family members, rockeries can freely spread upon a large area. Wasted effort – to try to describe all the possible options for placement of rockeries on the site. The flight of fancy designer does not have time. But there are ideas in this space, the main highway. More info: Energy Capital Partners. Where and what size rockeries will be on your site is determined by zoning of the site. Look at the site through the eyes of the landscape designer. Slope – the most natural place for the device rockeries in the form of rock slides.